Top Tips For Installing Artificial Grass

Posted by Lindsay Mammone on

Installing artificial grass

Ok, we get it, you love your garden, but you don't own a lawn mower or you don't want to be spending your only weekend off in months mowing lawns, or you are a person who kills even the most arid of plants, than artificial grass or plants are your safest option.

Tips On How to Install Artificial Grass

  1. The ground where you wish to install the synthetic turf should be cleared of any existing plants and real grass from the root level up.  You want the area to be smooth.
  2. Measure the size of the area that you want to install artificial lawn so that you know how much you need.  It pays to get a little bit more.
  3. From the edge, roll out your fake lawn all the way to the other end and cut more than you need at this stage.  Then once you have made it smooth and level up against the opposite edge, you can cut it to size with a knife.
  4. Spacing some grass pins out evenly, start hammering them into the ground. After you are done hammering in your first piece of artificial grass roll out and cut the second piece to size.
  5. When joining artificial grass pieces together, use adhesive tape.
  6. If you are unsure, you should always ask an expert for help.  They will not only be able to install your grass correctly, but offer advice on maintaining it for the years to come.