Artificial Areca Palm Black Trunks 190 cm

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Liven up your space with the tropical vibes of our Artificial Areca Palm with black trunks.
Enjoy the exotic and relaxing feel it can bring without the hassle of maintaining a real plant.
Designed to replicate the real Areca Palm, this product is carefully and skillfully crafted to impress.
Standing at 190 cm tall- perfect for displaying in a living room or any corner to brighten up space.
The feather-like leaves give a full look to your plant that looks good in any environment.

Product Details:
- Total height approx. 190 cm
- Palm fronds crafted from the textile fibre in light and dark green colour with several leaves and
trunks with branches
- Comes in a black pot which is filled with a substance to ensure an easy fixing in planters and

Package Content

1 x Artificial Areca Palm Black Trunks 190 cm