Artificial Potted Rubber Plant 55cm

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Monstera is one of the all-stars in the plants family. It likes filtered light and should be watered only once the soil is dry. With these kinds of requirements, not everyone can afford to have a living plant – we have a replica that is fuss-free that you can enjoy all year round.

Our beautifully made artificial potted split philodendron (Monstera) is perfect for any upcoming event or home and office decor.
Made of high-quality materials.
The branch is made of bendable wire inside and easy to change in shape.

Product Details:
-green lifelike monstera bush
-consists of 9-10 stems with 2 monstera leaves in each of them; with about 18 leaves in total
-height – 40 cm
-made of high-quality non-toxic plastic

Package Content

1 x Artificial Potted Rubber Plant