Fiskars Total Control Snips - Precision Garden Cutting Tool for plants and flowers

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Fiskars Total Control Snips | Professional Hydroponic Trimmers

  • Enjoy smooth and precise cuts with the thumb trigger design of these shears.
  • Made with stainless steel blades, these shears are enginered to maintain long-lasting sharpness, ensuring crisp and clean cuts every time.
  • The ergonomic handle is designed for precision and comfortable cutting, reducing strain on your hands during extended use.
  • With an ergonomic Softgrip handle and spring-action blades, these shears are designed for comfort and to reduce fatigue.
  • These shears come with a lifetime warranty, ensuring you can rely on their performance for years to come.

Fiskars® Total Control® Easy Action Precision Scissors are specifically designed to execute even the finest details through various DIY materials. With Micro-Tip® blades, you can achieve precision cutting in even the tightest spaces. The optimized handle angle of these scissors reduces wrist and hand fatigue, while Softgrip® touchpoints offer increased comfort for extended use.

The thumb-activated, Easy Action spring design of these scissors ensures that the blade opens after each cut, limiting fatigue and allowing you to work at your own pace. You have full control over your work and can stop only when you want to. These features make Fiskars® Total Control® Easy Action Precision Scissors a must-have tool for any DIY enthusiast.