Flowering White Artificial Green Wall Disc UV Resistant 100cm (Black Frame)

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An elegant & high-impact large artificial vertical garden that looks fabulous both indoors & outdoors. Made with a high-quality weatherproof black frame & beautiful UV-resistant foliage – you’ll be super impressed with the quality and realism of this designer vertical garden disc. There is no better way to create an instant evergreen outlook. Quickly & easily install this vertical garden onto nearly any surface to create a stunning statment!

Provides an evergreen setting
Long-lasting Outdoors (UV Proof) & Weather-proof frame.
Extremely dense & lifelike appearance

TA beautiful custom-made green wall disc is the perfect choice to create a stunning evergreen setting! These elegant vertical garden discs are made with UV-resistant plants and a beautiful weather-proof frame to ensure longevity! Unlike other suppliers, we only use the highest quality metal frames that are designed to last for years to come. You’re beautiful green wall disc will turn any space into a fabulous looking green wall!

Weight: 8kg (approximately)
Size: 100cm Diameter (one side to the other), depth around 10cm (including foliage which varies in size)
Cleaning Instructions: Apply artificial plant cleaner.
Perfect for installing onto any vertical surface as a statement piece or instant decoration.
You can easily install these wall art discs onto any surface quickly & easily, just like hanging a picture.

Package Content:
1 x Flowering White Artificial Green Wall Disc UV Resistant 100cm (Black Frame)