Grey Metal Planter Small

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A stunning metal planter that has been specifically designed for the Designer Plants range. Quick assembly High quality powder coated finish Stunning vivid colour Light weight 86cm long x 34cm wide x 25cm high Stunning Grey metal planter �83cm long x 34cm wide x 25cm high Suitable for Designer Plants 75cm long hedges This stunning grey metal planter is the perfect way to encase your portable hedges to create a truly unique and stunning faux hedge plant screening. Made with high quality steel, the grey coating is baked on, to ensure longevity. The planters will arrive as a partly pre-assembled planter �simply unfold the two sides and attach the final long edge of the planter using pre-drilled holes. The planter with hedge combination is the perfect way to decorate an office, shopping center, home or foyer. Please note that each planter is baked in an oven to ensure strong adhesion of the black coating, however, each planter may have minor variations to it. Each planter also has small holes in the bottom so you can affix the planter directly into a solid surface underneath if you required, such as a timber deck. Hedge is NOT included.

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1 x Grey Metal Planter Small