Inflatable Basketball Play Pool - 40in x 2.51m x 1.68m

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Transform your backyard into a sports arena with our Basketball Inflatable Pool. This innovative pool combines the thrill of basketball with the cooling refreshment of water play, offering hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Crafted from durable PVC material, this inflatable pool is built to withstand enthusiastic play and ensure long-lasting enjoyment.

Equipped with a sturdy basketball hoop, this pool brings the excitement of the court to your own backyard. Perfect for sunny days and summer gatherings, it's easy to set up and provides a safe and enjoyable environment for friendly competitions and skill-building. Whether you're practising your shooting technique or engaging in spirited games with friends and family, our Basketball Inflatable Pool promises endless fun and memorable moments in the water.



  • Quick and easy setup
  • Sturdy I-beam Construction and Extra wide Side Walls
  • Releases Pool Water with The Easy-To-Use Drain Valve


  • Weight: 4.34 kg
  • Water Capacity: 636 L


  • 1x Inflatable Pool
  • 2x Basketballs
  • 1x Repair Patch