Premium Artificial Areca Palm Tree Real Touch 160cm

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A high-quality handmade artificial palm tree that has simply stunning leaves and a dense yet beautiful multi-trunk design.

Instant Beautification
Extremely dense and lifelike in appearance.
Stunningly beautiful foliage

This splendid artificial palm tree is made from the highest quality replica materials. Each tree is handcrafted in order to create a truly remarkable faux palm tree that compliments any indoor space. You’ll be truly impressed with the life-like nature of this palm tree from the stunning trunks through to the vivid green real touch leaves. The areca palm tree is perfect either along in a decorative pot or planted in clusters to create a simulated forest feel.


Perfect for 'potting' into any decorative pot
A superior life-like appearance that will captivate those who view it
Provides an evergreen setting
Extremely dense and lifelike in appearance
Low maintenance – no watering, trimming or spraying required
Weight: approx. 3kg
Pot Size: 13cm high / 17cm across
Usage: Indoor or limited outdoor usage with UV Protection Spray.

Package Content:

1 x Premium Artificial Areca Palm Tree Real Touch 160cm