Stainless Steel Hanging Hooks 9cm x 7cm 10 Pieces

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High quality 9cm stainless steel hooks that are perfect for hanging indoors or outdoors.

Stainless Steel Hanging Hooks

Are you ready for an easy way to hang your artificial green wall? Then these may be the perfect choice for you! Made with high-quality stainless steel these hooks are easily able to handle any green wall panel, vertical garden disc of fake plant. So why choose hooks? Because they are easy and portable. Imagine for a moment having a balcony railing, colorbond fence or exhibition wall that you don't want to screw into?The solution hang it.

Details of the stainless steel hooks

  • Overall size: 9cm long, 7cm wide.
  • Size of larger loop: 4cm (approx long) / 4.5cm across
  • Size of smaller loop: 4cm (approx long) / 1.5cm across
  • Weight: 20grams approximately.

Package contents:

1x Stainless Steel Hanging Hooks 9cm x 7cm 10 Pieces